Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #95)

It kinda passed in a blur. I was busy and nervous and generally just focused on making it to Friday.


On Sunday, I finally sent the last of the San Diego post cards
I bought--in January--to my brother.

Some of the loveliest chocolate anywhere.

Gorgeous! Almost--but not quite--too pretty to eat.

Mom planted these and finally found a use for the old iron
trellises she bought a while back.

Millie loves her grandma.

Lunch and paperwork.

I had to go through and grade all these during piano lab.

Can you Handel it? 

It was an orange kind of day.

With just a couple weeks left 'til The Urban Cow, I found it
funny when I saw my odometer paused at this mileage in the
Target parking lot.

Don't mind if I do, Jamba Juice.

Found these at Target for our upcoming concert.

I will never get this song unstuck from my head.

That enormous cloud over the theater is the El Dorado County
wild fire. : (

Cali Swimmy came to work with me for my first observation.

I only got my picture taken so it would be in the yearbook, and
so I could get a new Staff ID for teacher discounts and whatnot.
I didn't need a gazillion copies.

Clouds. Is fall finally coming?!

What, you don't brush your teeth at work? I had a dental
cleaning and I don't like to go without brushing first.

I kept an eye on this all evening.

Red sun...a sign of all the smoke in the air.

It was a good day for a selfie.

It was a sunny day that looked grey. 

Starting cue cards for my show. It's going to be awesome!

Margarita, recliner, and the Outlander Wedding episode.
Happy Saturday!
This week will be busy, and next week will be insane. I'll keep clicking pics for Instagram, through it all!

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