Saturday, August 02, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #88)

My last full week of No Work flew by Well, some. I spent some time in the choir room, but I also spent all of Thursday in my bathrobe, reading. So, I'm doing something right.


I truly do NOT mind cloudy morning runs. 

Tried out my new hydration belt. Works a charm!

Bird Meeting. I wonder which one is Chairbird of the Board.

Runner's Magazine said dark chocolate is good for runners.
So there.

I started working (finally) on my piano lab syllabus.


Classroom expectations, revolving around Respect,
Responsibility, Integrity, Safety, and Engagement.

Added some bibs to my collage (which hangs in my office).

Can't wait to add a cowbell to the mix. : )

The piano lab.

Ready for pics of the kids. 


On Tuesday I walked along the golf course near my home.

Very faint in the background--the Sutter Buttes.

This is Callie, our neighbor. She has an invisible fence that
keeps her from running into the street.

My first kick-boxing class. SO FUN. 

I love my beautiful state.

I ordered a TON of posters for this. 


After a full day of nada, I was desperate to take a pic of
something. Anything. 

Waiting on eBay and Amazon shipments.


The first poster arrived on Friday--it's AWESOME.

Some movies I ordered for my classroom.


Who says healthy eating is boring? 3/4 cup pasta, 1/2 cup
homemade tomato sauce, 1/3 cup shredded carrot, 2 oz.
chicken sausage. Delicious. Very filling. I also had fruit.

Mom and Dad have been out of town, so it's on me to keep
the feline occupants of the house happy. 

Selfie with a cat on her back. 

Millie foot, Meg foot.

Millie hand, Meg hand.

She was purring like crazy and stayed like that--on her
back--for several minutes with her head on my shoulder.

An early birthday present for myself. :)

More of y posters arrived today. They're sooo awesome.

These last three are my favorites--reproductions of old TWA
and United posters. I LOVE the artwork.

They'll go in my classroom for now, but for the concert, I'll
use them to decorate the lobby.

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