Friday, August 01, 2014


I do love getting creative, and this summer, I've had plenty of time to do so. Mom, bless her, has allowed me to leave my card-making supplies out on her cutting table in the craft room, and I have spent a lot of time in there, sometimes standing on my balance board, making cards and using up a lot of the stickers, card stock, fun paper, and other geegaws that I have in there. The point has been to use what I have, only buying the minimum--in this case, some greeting stickers and more pre-folded cards when I ran out.

It's been fun. With school starting very soon, I will soon be putting my things away, but I hope this year, having my evenings back, I'll have more time to make cards. I currently have 353 items (some are some vintage items Mom has given me to sell) in my Etsy Shop, and I still have more to photograph and list!

I don't sell a ton on Etsy, and often, what happens is Mom needs a nice sympathy card and gives me a few bucks for one of mine, or I go in there when I need a birthday or thank you card and cull from my own collection (hey, shop owner's privilege!). But every so often, I make a sale to a total stranger, and it's nice to think that one of my humble little cards has gone off to parts unknown, hopefully to make someone smile.

My personal style is best described with the words: color,
angles, whimsy.

A particular favorite.

What to do with all that scrap paper?

Make confetti!

Armed and dangerous.

These never even made it to my shop--Mom laid claim on
them immediately after I finished them.

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