Monday, July 21, 2014

The Body Project -- Selfies

There's been a lot of discussion about selfies of late, with one side proclaiming selfies the sign of end times, a sign of overly self-involved idiots, and women who are desperate for attention and "likes," and the other half defending selfies as a means for taking back how we present ourselves to the world. Hashtags like #feministselfie have emerged, and I, for one, kinda dig it.

Selfie with my brand-new kitty, December 1999.
I've used selfies for a long time as a way of proving "I was here!" in fantastic places, when there was no one available to take a picture of me. And Summer and I have taken so many selfies of the two of us, that now it's our go-to method of taking pictures, even if twelve people offer to take it for us.

Seriously, we were doing this in college.

2001 or 2002. 

More recent selfie
Over the last couple of weeks, I've taken quite a few Instagram selfies, and they've popped up in my Week in Instagram posts. I've had a purpose in doing this, and that is to show myself at my best...and my most real. I'm not going to call it my worst, because I'm at my best with or without makeup.

Anyway, here's a collection of selfies. This is me--dolled up, sweaty, tired, happy, and everything in between.

After 8 miles. 

I love this one.

Hanging out at home.

Selfie in Mazda

In my summer classroom.

Beach selfies with duck on head are mandatory.

Tea drinker

Opining on the triple-digit temps.

First run after a week off.

That's a 25-pound kettlebell on my shoulder. I may have
crow's feet, but I'm also Badass Strong.

I bleed green and black, but I have a soft spot for the RHS
cheerleaders 'cause I knew one when she was a baby.
Nine miles, a new record for me. BOOM!
Whatever your thoughts on selfies, I don't mind them. For me, it's a way of showing what I'm doing, or being silly about how I feel (the above picture of me with my tongue out, for example). I actually have a "take a picture, or twelve!" on my daily To Do list, because it's part of staying creative.

And selfies allow me to see how I look to the rest of the world. They're me, reminding myself that like anyone else, I'm worth being seen and heard. So selfie on...I'll even "like" 'em for ya.

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Erik said...

I loved taking selfies on film cameras! They were the ultimate challenge :) My wife and I take them together in many places including France, Germany and China (and a few in America, too). They rock! But I won't cal them selfies out loud...