Monday, July 28, 2014

Ten Years of Meg

In honor of the tenth anniversary of this blog, I thought I'd compile some photos taken in each of the years my blog has existed.

Going through my pictures, it's amazing to me, the transformation I've made. Not just in my body, but my face, my hair...everything. It's also amazing how packed with adventure these ten years have been. I've had some really great opportunities and adventures.


Buckingham Palace, November. Summer was visiting from California, so
I gave her a grand one-day tour of London.

Summer and I in Camden Town (London).

In the Staff "Fashion Show," strutting my stuff to "California Girls" while
my friend and colleague Stuart played paparazzi. Ah, England.

While I was home for Christmas, Mom and Dad moved to Washington.
We spent a day in Seattle, my first time visiting. 


April in Paris

Mom and I in France.

Before a night cruise on the Seine.

Dad and I in Bayeux, Normandy.

For Spring Break in 2005, my parents came to me in Europe. I showed them
around lovely Burnham-On-Crouch, after a week in France.

Year 12 Mentors. Louisa and Stuart were two really good friends to me
while I was in England. I'm not in touch with Stuart anymore and Louisa
is only rarely on Facebook. Good people.

Drinking Guiness in Ireland. I didn't like it.

In Ireland with my friend Jo (right) and her friend Sandra.


I loved going to Seattle on the weekend in my year living in Washington.
Here I am near the Pike Street Market, and near the very first Starbucks.
At the gorgeous Butchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C., Canada. 

The view from the Space Needle.


A family reunion in Idaho, where I met Tyson and Echo for the first time.

Nevada is boring. This has never changed.

The first time I met Shae--I showed her around San Francisco. 


With my friends Tiff and Jamie, showing them around
San Francisco the day before we all went to the
NASCAR race at Sonoma.
Halloween 2008, working in Stockton. 


Summer's "Bachelorette" night at John's Incredible Pizza.

Summer's Birthday, in San Fransisco

My first Keane concert...when a mega-fan was born.

A Christmastime visit to the Schulz Museum.


At the top of Mt. Diablo...a huge feat for me at the time.

In 2010 I became a total gymbo...and left blonde hair behind.

The hissy fit I threw over having to wear this scarf for a Stockton Chorale
concert was...epic. 

Just LOOK at it.

My second Keane Concert, and of course Summer went with me!

Meeting Richard from Keane. 

Meeting Tim from Keane.


At the Hardly Strictly festival in San Francisco.

Showing an English friend, Sarah, around San Francisco.

Epic Week!! Finally got to meet Maayan when she visisted California.

Maayan and I at the Railroad Revival Tour...totally ready for Mumford
& Sons.

Summer and I (and a certain ducky) at the Bridge School Benefit Concert.


In February, after a few months with Trainer #4. 

The more weight I lost, the more my waist began to show.

Hanging out in Santa Cruz with Meghan and The Roz.
At yet another Keane gig with Summer, Meghan and her friend Sutton.

Swimmy was so excited to finally see Keane.

A new dress at Goal.

Meg at Goal Weight (with my trainer Matt).


Near Half Moon Bay, getting some toes-in-sand time.
Exhausted lady on her first day at her new job...

...which also happened to be her birthday. 

My first NFL game, with a group of colleagues.

In San Francisco with Meghan and The Roz.

My first Tiffany & Co purchase.

Holiday Tea

On a train...

Road Trip!!

New Year's Eve in San Diego.

Because of course you're never too old to ride the carousel.

Beach Girls in Redondo Beach before my flight home.

First I got four miles as a new best distance...

Then five.  Then over six, but I can't hold up six fingers
AND take a selfie at the same time.

Well, this was awesome.

Officially a 10K Finisher

Yearbook Photo

Almost 15 years with this girl, and I adore her more than

July trip to Santa Cruz with my No. 1 Adventure Buddy,

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Amy Elizabeth said...

Happy Blog Birthday! 10 years is quite the achievement - and it's amazing how much stuff you've packed into that time :) It's been lovely to follow your blog (probably for about five years now! Time has flown!) and I hope the next 10 years are even better!