Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #87)

I started off strong, running 9 miles on Sunday...and ended with a whimper yesterday, finishing a 5K in a dismal (for me) 36 minutes.


Strange for California in July, but I won't complain about
running in slightly cooler conditions.

Feeling very pleased with myself.

On my walk home...

I decided tea and a book on the patio were just the thing.

Shortly after this, tea-and-book became tea-book-NAP.


I spent some time at my favorite large suburban high school.

I bought a pretty binder and some cute dividers.


More card-making. 

Doesn't everyone stand on a balance board wearing M&Ms
socks while making cards?

Mom quickly staked a claim to these three cards.


Lone hawk in an overcast sky.

All this overcast weather is odd for us this time of year.
No rain, though.

Got my expectations ready for the wall.  Mom: "You spelled
rise wrong!" Me: "It's an acronym!"

On a mission. Don't worry, the flowers were safe.

Found: fresh basil.

Mission accomplished.



Getting there.

Made an appointment for my first kick-boxing class. Yay!


They graduated and soon return to their home countries.
I am SO GLAD to be finished, but that's for another post.

Second Friday in a row I chat with a technician in India.
This time, Internet.

Mom's garden is still looking great.


My race started and finished in a cemetery.

Just as I snapped this, Big Jim Hall, who was reading names
as people finished, announced a man who was running
in his own honor--this race supports Alzheimer's research.
Perspective, Meg, perspective.

Big Jim Hall (white shirt), a local radio celebrity.

Coming soon...

Caturday with Bella Blue.
Also known as Bellarina Tortellini. She loves belly rubs.
This week is my last full week of summer vacation. I'll be spending some time at school, but also just relaxing as much as possible. I have my first kick-boxing class, a hair appointment, regular gym time. Maybe I'll go on an adventure on Saturday.

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