Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #82)

For as lazy as this week has been, I've taken over 40 Instagram pics. A lot from Mom's garden.


For Sunday's 8-miler, I tried some new things for staying

The water bottle helped a lot. I didn't finish the run weaving
like a drunk person.

Walked by the sheeples on my way home.

I like the sheeples.

My parents and I went out for Father's Day dinner, and on
the way home, we drove by the apartment complex where
Mom and Dad met at a party in 1967.

Never far away from her mom.

Getting closer...

That sweet face, though.


I took a deliberate rest day on Tuesday.

And pretty much felt like this all day.

Mom and Dad got solar panels installed.

I worked on lesson plans. (And yes, that is Facebook on
the computer. Everyone needs breaks.)

Done! Next step: inspections, then BOOM. Solar energy.

The garden is looking really, really fabulous.


In cleaning out my uniform closet, I found this stack of
old, out-of-date, never-will-be-used-again stereo equipment.
There was a record player. And a VHS player.

Project 1: Transfer tuxedo pants to trouser hangers. 

Project 2: Haul all that old stereo equipment out to the
e-waste area. I have a new stereo system ready to be
put in my room. : )

My uniform closet, looking amazing, and let me tell you,
the insides of the cupboards are also looking good.

Sunset in Mom's garden.



I found some greeting stickers earlier in the week, so on
Thursday, I got busy making cards for the first time
in ages.

I've been up-cycling (an Etsy-ism) an old Mary Engelbreit
calendar that Mom gave me.

Read this over a couple of days and
thoroughly enjoyed it. Need to see the movie.

Armed and ready for more card-making.

I love playing with color and angles, combining things
that don't seem obvious. 

I made SO many cards in two days. Going to make more

Right before bedtime, someone started getting anxious
for some attention.


Saturday morning race!

I love personalized race bibs.

I found myself back at my Large Suburban High School
for this race.

Sadly, no PR. This week my body has been tired and my
allergies have had me feeling rough. Add some hip and
knee pain caused by neglecting the foam
BUT, I finished in 34:10, which is NOT bad.

Finisher's medal, sweaty runner. 

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