Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Making Time For Fun

The online dating excitement (or lack thereof) continues.

A few nights ago, I received a pleasant message from a pleasant enough guy. I responded, and he asked how my evening was going. His plans included relaxing and watching some TV. As for me, "I'll be off to bed soon. I have to get up early to run."

I mentioned to him that I run three days a week, and go to the gym three days.

"Do you make any time for fun?"

When I read this response, I stared at my computer for a moment, my head cocked slightly to one side, genuinely confused. Then I got it. I've become that person, the one whose lifestyle choices are fun to her. Sure, I love junk food, but healthy food is just as delicious. And I love my lazy time, but my fitness time makes me happy, too.

I had to laugh at myself.

So I responded, "Oh, yes, I do. But I also find fun in my fitness routines."

I haven't heard back.


Erik Ammon said...

Hah! Dork- he doesn't deserve any other replies if you hear from him :) At your next race, advertise yourself on your shirt :) Hehehehe...'Your trail or mine?'

Meg said...

Hahaha! I love that idea.