Saturday, June 07, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #80)

What a wonderful, lazy-but-productive, do-what-I-want-when-I-want week it was!

I'm starting with one I forgot to include last week, and two I took later.


Well done, Class of 2014. :)

I gave myself a horrid blister walking around in heels at

But cuddles with my girl make it all better.

New running shoes. Not that I actually ran that morning.

We know how to Sunday 'round here.


First day of summer vacation and I...go to school.

Quick pit stop.

Hello, Lake Tahoe.

Yes, Cali went along!

We hiked to a lighthouse. We all agreed it looked more
like an outhouse. 

We stopped on the way home to admire Donner Lake.

I wore a new shirt on Tuesday for my run. 

Rosie Pro got some new oil while I went to the gym.

People. Are. Jerks.

"Paaayyyyy attentionnnnn toooo meeeeeeee!!!"

I love Farmer's Market Days.

Bella and Duchess

Feeling grape.

Turns out aspirin and lemon juice makes a nice mask.

Post-run. Red, sweaty, satisfied.

May or may not be rattlesnake skin. Definitely snake (the
rest of it was in the road nearby). UGH.

Go me!

Adding green to the purple. The tape is for...

...this awesome effect. 

In honor of California Chrome, who sadly, did not win
the Triple Crown. Still a magnificent horse, though.


I let Ms. Millie have some supervised time in the garden.

These would be my last pics with my two-year-old iPhone 4s. I got a 5c that afternoon!


Operation: Keep Plant Alive  is going well so far.

Still sad about California Chrome's loss today. Sigh.

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