Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #76)

There was a lot of Shrek in my life this week.


Sunday Morning with Millie and Bella.

For all the wild geese I see around here, I'd never seen any
goslings. I actually stopped mid-run to get a pic.

The run wasn't going too well, anyway. But I love that these
days, a "bad" day is still about four-and-a-half miles.

Cats and boxes. Boxes and cats. 


Loving my new desk. So much less clutter.

Mom's craft room is getting back to normal, too.

Mom found a great rug at Target. Matches my bedspread!

The Mad Hatter was here (Disneyland souvenir).

Rain? Sun? Both? 


Cat photography. An exercise in patience. 

Pretty bun. 


Fashionista in her fabulous vintage dress. 

Cute new sandals pretty much demand red toenails. 

Thursday morning walk (my running kinda stank this week).

Abandoned glove. 
I bought a beanbag chair for my office. Yes, I've already
used it. Students absolutely NOT allowed.

From my PEST. : )

The amusing pit orchestra gifts from Lynn continued
this week. 


Post card from my brother. It made me laugh.

Bella Blue

Dad's Mother's Day gift for Mom.

Local farmer's market cherries.

So clever.

Cast warm-ups in my choir room.

Friday night, the house was packed.

Just laundering choir dresses on a Saturday morning.

Surreptitiously took this one from the pit, as Lord Farquaad
interrogated Gingy.

Beware of ogres...and tired choir teachers.

I learned that the dragon in the play is called "Elizabeth."

Grumpy and Papa Bear, after the last show.

Lynn and I, post-show.

Walter. Poor Walter. 
And because this is me we're talking about, no, things are not calming down this week. I have my own show to ready, a Sac Choral concert this next weekend (and a 5K race). Oh, and an all-day job training on Saturday.

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