Wednesday, May 07, 2014


If you saw the mountain of laundry that I do every Saturday, you could be forgiven for thinking I only ever wear leggings. I have a set for working out, and a set for sleeping. If I'm going to be home for more than an hour, I'm wearing leggings or pajamas or a nightgown. 

But sprinkled into the laundry mix, I have a lot of great clothes. When I was offered the job at my Large Suburban High School, I vowed to make jeans a Friday-only thing, though occasionally I'll wear skinny jeans and boots on a more "dressy" day of the week. I have this theory that in what I do, I need to appear put-together so the kids will take me seriously. After all, my teacher picture in the yearbook makes me look about 12, and in recent years, I've been told, "You can't be in your 30s!!"

Anyway, I've learned to have fun with my outfits and accessories, and every once in a while a student will tell me I look really nice, or that they love a particular item. I try to mix things up--for example, my green cropped pants look great with ballet flats but can be "winterized" with knee-high boots. I can wear them with my adorable floral ruffled blouse, or with solid black. The possibilities are endless.

Today, I wore a fantastic vintage dress I found on my San Diego trip with Summer. Her sister-in-law owns a great vintage shop in Carlsbad, and the first time we stopped in, I saw the dress hanging on the front door as part of a display. A couple days later, we were back, and I was all set to try it on. It was a perfect fit, and for $35, the dress was mine.

Yesterday, I finally found the perfect shoe--a white, strappy sandal with a very low heel and plenty of support for a teacher who is on her feet a lot--so, today, I wore my new-old dress and my new sandals to work. I even painted my toenails for the occasion. As I got out of my car, two drama students walked by me. I smiled at them--they're both in the musical, they know who I am, etc.--and started grabbing my backpack and purse out of my car, when one student stopped in her tracks and turned to me.

"Your outfits are always spot-on," she said. "And I just love them all!!" A grin split my face, and I thanked her. 

The kids are alright, ya know? 

P.S. Yes, there's a pic. It will be in this week's Week in Instagram post. 

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