Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week in Instagram (Week #70)

This week's pics started on Saturday night.


I attended the band's crab feed.

I'm not a huge fan of crab--or any seafood--but I ate some.

I was high bidder on this lovely basket. All for a good cause!

However, I did not win the ukelele in the raffle. Darn.

Tiny chocolate treble clef.


Jelly beans...which prompted a long and impassioned
Facebook status update conversation amongst my friends:
Does anyone really eat the black ones? 

Sleepy Beauty. 

I disturbed her, and the result was adorable. 

Lady Fuzz, Duchess of Lincoln, begging for belly rubs.

I wore green to the gym, of course.

And I (briefly) wore my ridiculous hat at school.

I got a great note from a student, and it was just...needed.

I'm going to have to get help keeping these alive.

Green shoes at choir practice.

Good morning, Sacramento Valley! Off for a good run.

They're not excited about tour or anything. 

It was a red boots kind of day.

Happy First Day of Spring!

Three miles for my first run of Spring 2014. 

On the front walkway.


A cup of tea and the Lion Cam? Perfect end to a busy week.

Then I got busy cleaning the fridge. 

I did some major organizing in my room this morning,
including getting all of my ducks in a row.

Top left: Quackers, Daffy, Flasher
Top right: Libby
Bottom Left: The minions
Bottom right: Beezy
Top: Chico
Right: Biggie and Harley
Bottom: Cali...the original.
Left: Sassy and a little glass duck

I washed RoPro today, even though it's supposed to rain
this week. She was covered in bird poo. 

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