Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #66)

Yeah, you could say it was a busy week, what with all that driving to Fresno and back stuff. (P.S. The non-square pics are pics that went on Instagram but didn't get a filter put on my phone saves them as normal. Weird.)


Sleepy Millie

A close-up. That little tooth!

I met Summer in Dixon (about halfway between Lincoln
and Oakland) at a great little tea place. 

Even the bathroom is adorable.

They sell hats. SO tempted.

We walked around a tiny bit after, and there are always
sign pics to be found.

On the sidewalk. Gem spelled backwards is MEG!!


Where magic happens...

Mom's camellia bush is popping! 

Sometimes you just need to squee, but you don't want
to scare your piano students.

Random pic on Tuesday.

I bought myself more daffodils, and also gave some to
Lynn, my colleague, as she was frustrated over some stuff
going on. Later, I got a huge hug and a heartfelt "Thank you!!"

Or tea.

Will it rain?! Spoiler: It didn't.

Mom has been working on this heart project and it
looks amazing. She's so clever with a needle!


Stopped in Modesto on my way to Fresno to use the loo.
Took this from my car at a red light. 

Also ate some Nut-Thins in the car and shared with my

Chowchilla, California.

Also in Chowchilla.

Coming in to Fresno, I actually got off the freeway, doubled
back on a frontage road, just to get this sign. Some signs
are worth it.

Home Sweet Hotel

Clean, comfortable, and I was barely in it all weekend.

Serious, serious issues, and Central California is feeling the
pain more than the rest of us. They feed the world. 

Representing GBHS Choir in my fancy-schmancy polo!

I took these in some little town before I got to Fresno,
but Instagrammed them later.

Near the convention center, where a ton of music educators
would soon gather. 

Fabulous old Armenian church.

Downtown Fresno is a happenin' place. (That would be

We (that would be Lynn and a bunch of people she worked
with once upon a time) had dinner at a steak place.

Delicious, but not as good as Mom's.

I had an eggcicle for breakfast at Starbuck's. 

All official and whatnot. #proud

I took two.

What time is it? Too many sharps.

LOVE this and almost bought one for my room but there
was never anyone on hand to help out.

Email and tea break at Starbuck's. I had way too much time
at Starbuck's this weekend, but when you don't eat fast
food, your options can be limited.

This was the BEST clinic I went to. Very, very informative,
reassured me I'm on the right track, gave me great ideas,
and this Jeb dude was easy on the eyes. And 36. 

Walking to dinner.

We ate here--Basque food, served Basque-style, which means
A LOT of food and very, very yummy.

I kinda went a little crazy on Saturday.

Humans (and pups) of Fresno.

Saw a sign for a historic point of interest, followed it.
It's an old water tower.

Veteran's Memorial Hall

Fresno, it turns out, has a ton of old theaters. I adore
old theaters. They're all being used for other things now,
but their exteriors are glorious.

Downtown Fresno reminds me so much of downtown
Stockton...a city that must once have been really,
really nice, but is now dying. They're sad places, but I
sort of have a soft spot for them.

Another old theater.

Look at that ceiling!!

From across the street.

Sadly, many of downtown Fresno's fountains are dry.

Detail. It was hard to get great pics, even utilizing Instagram's
many filters, because of the early morning sun.

Best mural? Possibly.

Another fabulous mural. This was a pull over, stop, get the
pic opportunity. 

Another old theater.

Back at the convention center. I can't believe this rapey,
misogynistic song has a BAND SCORE. FOR KIDS.
I bought a djembe for my choir (we're doing an African
song) and all is well in my world. It's green. School color!

More wandering. So few people out and about early on a

A sculpture in honor of the Armenian community in Fresno
and absolutely marvelous.

Some of the great details.

I love street art.

This sign was fabulous. Sad I couldn't get a better one,
but I was in a hurry to get moving towards home.


Top Gas

On my way home, I stopped at the Stockton gym to work
out. G. the Meanie wasn't in, but it was fun to get a
workout in where it all started for me. 

They have this new apparatus and it is awesome.

So, over 70 pics this week. Many adventures, all Wild and Absolutely True. ; )

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