Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Week In Instagram (Week #65)

It was a short week, and yet a looong week. I'm exhausted!


I got one pic on Sunday, but it was a sweet one. : )

Even on a day off, I get it done.

Monday was Mom and Dad's anniversary. Dad gave
mom these roses. 

This is how I feel about teaching piano lessons on my day

Peanut butter. Yum.

I take Millie everywhere...including choir rehearsal.

On my desk. I need to clean that spot.

Our school paper. I love the topics these kids cover.

It was Random Acts of Kindness Week. 

Around school...

 I love my RoPro!

On Thursday, I bought myself a present for my office.

Making posters for Electives Showcase.

Readying my table for the parents who would visit.

Electives Showcase is a chance to get incoming freshmen
excited to try choir.

Your friendly neighborhood choir teacher.

My clever mom's handiwork.

Getting ready for the gym with Millie's "help."

Gettin' all festive for Valentine's Day.

Happy little faces on my desk. I adore daffodils.

Assigned duty: sell tickets for Girl's Basketball.

The view from the ticket table.

Sorry, I already had a salad...

Boredom = Selfie

Extreme Boredom = Balloon Selfie
Finally as the geese. (It wasn't that bad, I was
just tired.)

I ran the President's Day 5K in Rocklin this morning.

Ronald Reagan made an appearance.

Ready to run.

Exhausted and finished. Ran the whole way.

Mom and Dad got a new dining room table. 
The coming week promises to be crazy. I get Monday off, but Thursday I'm going to Fresno for a music educator's conference. There's a gazillion things to get done at work, piano lessons to make up, a Choir Booster meeting, and my work out goals to meet.

But first, a nap. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

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