Sunday, February 16, 2014

Five Years

Five years ago this week, I took the first big step in what would become one of my Wildest and Absolutely Truest Adventures yet: I sat down with a personal trainer, asked for help, and handed over my debit card. It would take me three-and-a-half years, four trainers, and a lot of ups and downs to get to my goal weight...and I'd never be the same.

It's all been hashed out here at the LPB. The first run, my six months working with G. the Meanie, and later, six months with Matt the Reasonable.

Still, it's worth celebrating the anniversary of my start, because without that first step, I'd never have made it as far as I have. And it's worth celebrating because I still struggle--to not eat my emotions, to love the body I've worked so hard for. It's important for me to continue celebrating this body for all it is--strong, rounded, glorious.

So I mark the anniversaries and shout out the accomplishments. I revel in yesterday's 5K run, that, though I was so very tired, I ran the whole way. It amazes me--almost daily--how far I've come.

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