Saturday, February 08, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #64)

It was actually one of those weeks that I thought might be incredibly trying and stressful, but mostly, things just went right. As ever, I was busier than a retail employee on Black Friday. I slept about 11 hours last night.


I ran a race on Sunday, and used the new arm band pocket
my parents gave me for Christmas to hold my license.

The finish line was on the football field ad Sac State.

For once I bothered with the shirt 'cause it wasn't a cheapie

Sweaty, red, and ran the whole way. Decent time: 32:53.

Flamingo socks!

Kitty Kisses

Mom and Dad got back from Hawaii on Monday. They
gave me some goodies. 

I was trying to write lesson plans, but someone demanded
some attention.

New shoes. I love Steve Madden.

Don, SCSO's fearless leader.

Sometimes, you just need a lucky rubber ducky.


A thank-you note for participating in something awesome.

Another duck selfie. Just 'cause.

"Why do you always leave this comfy bed?"
"I have to work, Millie."
"What is this work? You should sit on warm blankets
all day."

Found this (heads up, even!) on my run.

Thursday was "Be-YOU-ti-ful" day, and one suggestion
was to wear a shirt for your favorite band. So...of course.

My department had a turn providing for the monthly
staff potluck, so I brought fruit. Lots of fruit.

Friday afternoon silliness in my office. 

RAIN!!! Glorious, umbrella-needing, grass-growing,
snow-in-the-Sierras-producing RAIN. 

This morning, Dad helped me destroy the hard drive from
my old desktop computer, which made a trip, earlier this week
to the e-waste section at the dump. 

The next couple weeks, despite being short weeks, promise to be just as crazy and busy as the last few. I have two major school events and a four-day trip to Fresno on my radar, all before March even happens. And February is a short month.

Yup. Wild and Absolutely True.

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