Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #61)

It was a very busy week, and picture-taking just wasn't Priority Numero Uno...but I did take at least one every day!


Took this fascinating shot while foam rolling in the living
room before my run.

Bella and Duchess hangin' out.

Millie being a nuisance.

Mom and I love this commercial. : )
I don't believe in boring socks. 
Unless they're for running.

The fabric behind my computer.

I had a glorious Monday afternoon cuddle with Millie
before going back to school for Back To School Night.

I signed a postcard to my brother and liked how it looked.


Warm up list for the day's lesson.

Every day, I arrive to a clean desk. I make a huge mess.
I clean it up, and leave. Stuff actually gets done.

70 ounces a day. Oy.

On Wednesday, I thought to myself, "Why do I have TI's
if I don't, you know, give them stuff to do?" TI is a Teacher
Intern, or assistant.

Happy Water Drinker. Ha.
It was nearly the end of the day before I realized I hadn't
taken any pics. So here's the method book I teach piano
lessons with.

School Spirit on Friday

I lost my health insurance in May 2010. This month, I got
new, because I can finally afford to buy it on the market.
My card arrived this week.

Bright and early on a Saturday morning, there's Millie,
begging for attention.

I went to Target with Mom and Dad because my life is
just that exciting.

A few shots of downtown Lincoln while we were out.

And that's it. Maybe this week will be a bit more picture-worthy. This last week was fine, just very busy and exhausting!

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