Monday, January 13, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #60)

I didn't do a Week in Instagram post last week, because I had embedded all of the (many) Instagram pics I'd taken into my posts about my San Diego trip.

This week was slower for picture-taking. Back to work, busy as usual, having fun, etc.


Millie approves of my new laptop.

But she doesn't care much for football (or that it takes my
attention away from her!).

"Smile!" "No." "C'mon Mill, you wanted attention." "This
is just embarrassing." Conversations with my cat.

I can definitely get used to live-streaming "How I Met
Your Mother" on the laptop.

Had some fun with an iPhone app and my SoCal pics.

Monday was a teacher day, so I spent some time reconfiguring
my room...and it looks SO different without the choir
risers (on loan to the drama teacher for a month).

My friend Amanda's daughter gave me this when I was in
Bakersfield. It looks GREAT on my office wall.

Back to SCSO! We started two new pieces, the Stabat
Mater and Mendelssohn's "Lobsegang."

A successful first day back! By Friday, I had 24 students
enrolled in choir. Growth!

I'm back to drinking smoothies. They're such an easy way
to keep myself energized through the day. I call this one
"Green Sludge." It's strawberry/spinach.

I put some Valentine's geegaws on my desk. 

A pretty sunset on a busy Wednesday.

From a student. So much deliciousness.

Currently reading. (Good, but I LOVE Bill Bryson's later
similar book even more.)


Friday, I simply forgot to take pics until dessert time
rolled around. It wasn't a particularly hectic day, just gym,
teaching, coffee date, then home. I just forgot.


Out with the old, in with the new!

To make the laptop fit, I took out the shelf the old monitor
used to sit on, then hung some pretty fabric to hide the TV

And that was it. Another good week, and hopefully I'll be less forgetful about taking pics this week!

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