Friday, January 03, 2014

A New Year Adventure, Part 5: New Year's Eve

Summer and I both agreed that the thought of being out and about with a bunch of drunks was not what we were looking for, and besides, all that traveling and exploring and walking had left us both eager to get some sleep. Still, we wanted a nice dinner, so after a few hours of relaxing at the hotel, we headed off to the touristy part of La Jolla to wander around and find a place to eat.

We ended up at The Crab Catcher, a restaurant we might normally avoid because it is, perhaps, a little bit out of our more comfortable price range. But this was New Year's, we wanted to do something special, so in we went...and it was worth every penny.

I found some signs as we looked for a place to eat.

Christmas Palm Trees!
 In the end, instead of having huge, expensive entrees, we each ordered a salad, and split an order of crab-stuffed mushrooms and an order of fries with Parmesan and grated truffle. Truffle! They were divine. The crab was just off the boat. We ate way too much, toasted the New Year, and then...went back to the hotel.

Look at them!!
Yes, I wore a tank top on New Year's Eve. We were outside, under a heater,
but still, all I needed when we left was a hoodie.

We made one quick stop at the grocery store for some individual ice cream cups, then went back to our hotel to celebrate in style--by eating ice cream and going to bed at about 11:30. Happy New Year...zzzz.

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