Friday, January 03, 2014

A New Year Adventure, Part 4: Balboa Park

Summer briefly lived in San Diego about 10 years ago, but admits she didn't take a lot of time to explore, so Balboa Park was largely new to her, as well as to me. It reminded us both a lot of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, in that it is large, gorgeous, and home to museums and other fun things.

We parked the car and spent a couple of hours walking around, stopping to get a cold drink, and wandering some more. The buildings in Balboa Park were mostly built in the first half of the Twentieth Century, for various international events (not the World's Fair, but other big events). I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Northbound towards downtown.

We didn't go. There was no time, and we didn't want to spend the money.
But the zoo is actually part of Balboa Park.

Seriously, everything is blooming in San Diego in December.

A large amphitheater, home of the Sprekles Organ.


Cali Swimmy tried to talk to them, but they didn't have much to say.

We wandered into this botanical building and...WOW.


Like a miniature mission!

Summer was reminded of Barcelona architecture.

A slightly-hidden garden that reminded me of England.

If those trees could talk...

Cali got to go for a paddle, so he was happy. He doesn't
swim in the ocean. It's too scary for a wee ducky.

A Japanese garden.
When I researched Balboa Park before our trip, I found it had an old carousel--built in 1910. I adore carousels and firmly believe you are never too old to ride them, or to be thrilled by the motion of them. When we saw that it only cost $2.50 to ride, we just had to. 

We rode a matching set of ostriches.


The attendant (in the red vest) smiled when he saw two grown women.
But I maintain that you are never too old for a carousel ride.

The carousel was near the zoo, and I spotted these giraffe sculptures as
we rode.
As we left Balboa, ready to relax at the hotel, I caught this great sign picture. I'll have to go back and crop this eventually.

All the walking and exploring had us exhausted, so we went back to the Marriott and spent some time resting. I used a lobby computer to put some of my pictures on my memory stick. Later, we would get dolled up for New Year's Eve dinner...which I'll save for the next post.

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