Friday, December 27, 2013

My Week in Instagram (Week #58)

It has been so nice to relax this week! While I love my job at GB, it's been nice to get away from the grind and have some time to sit around in my pajamas whenever I like. And I'm definitely loving the time off from private piano lessons.

It hasn't been a terribly busy week, but definitely a fun one.


Sunday done right.

Sparkly pink nails.


At our favorite Turkish restaurant.

The hummus didn't last long.

Neither did my kebabs.

Chai tea.

I may have pretty hands, but I go all-out at the gym.

Equipment. Looks sort of like planets!

At Barnes & Noble.

Willie Mays was at the last 49er game at Candlestick Park.

Mom was seasoning the turkey.

And making "Christmas Crack."

 I started to set the table.

And stopped to get a pic of my girl and I.

Pretty Millie.

Sparkling wine.

The table coming together.

Duchess made an appearance.


One of my presents.

I'm getting a laptop. : )

Paper Cat.

We went to see "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and
enjoyed it very much.


I met a new dude for lunch on Thursday in Auburn.

I was early, so I wandered around a little.

The verdict: he seems nice, but I'll need another date or two
to decide for sure.

At Fry's to research laptops.

Gorgeous evening sky.
Tomorrow is take-Christmas-down day, so I don't anticipate taking a lot of Instagram pics. Sunday, I leave for my huge San Diego adventure with Summer, so there will be a TON of Instagram pics. And so it goes.

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