Friday, December 27, 2013

Measuring a Year, Part 1: My Top 10 Blog Posts

I am not entirely sure how to describe 2013's been a roller coaster of a year in many ways, and a year of tremendous personal and professional growth. Some wonderful opportunities have come my way, but I've also faced a few tests and some major losses.

In the end, a rocky start to the first half gave way to a second half that has been incredible--not without its moments of anxiety, but overall, it's been amazing.

Here, I wanted to share my ten favorite posts from the year--based entirely on my own opinion, not by how many views they received. These are posts I'm proud to have written, for various reasons. They are presented in no particular order.

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde was written in January, after an interesting experience with a new dose of birth control led me to run screaming back to Planned Parenthood...where they agreed that lunacy should not be a symptom of PMS and promptly put me back on a lower dose. I am proud of this post not because of how candid I was, but because it shows one of the traits I'm most proud of in myself--my ability to laugh at myself.

In February, I celebrated four years since I started turning my health and my life around, and instead of a long, drawn-out post re-telling the story I've told a thousand times already, I kept in simple, and by the Numbers.

I mostly keep my Little Pink Blog as light as possible, but sometimes life isn't light, as in April, when my niece, Echo, passed away.

In June, I shared my Big News with the world, and promptly got down to the business of being a high school choir director again. My life has been a whirlwind since!

I did some word-dumping about Transitions, which helped me realize that when something ends, it doesn't necessarily have to be a terrible thing--endings are followed by beginnings, and what came around for me in July and August was a fantastic new beginning.

August 12 was one of those What A Day kind of days that was too huge to describe in one post.

By late August, I was realizing just what it means to share a bathroom with hundreds of women three days a week. An Open Letter To the Women I Share A Locker Room With was hilarious and cathartic to write, even if it didn't stop the Aqua Aerobics ladies from flooding the floor and hogging the benches every day.

I avoid a lot of political talk on the LPB but I had to air my thoughts on Syria, and later my thoughts On Free Speech.

And perhaps the post I'm most proud of is Teacher Lady, because for every day that I continue to grow and thrive in my new job, I am reminded how blessed I am to do something I love.

So, there you are. I enjoy blogging--I certainly don't do it for fame, glory, or money--and these posts in particular are posts that sum up, really, what my year was about.

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