Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Week in Instagram (Week #56)

This week was insane. That is all.


We had sub-freezing temps here, which made the mid-West
laugh at us ("You think that's COLD?!!") but is not
something we warm valley Californians are used to. Ice!
Snow! Yikes!!

This game (San Francisco vs. Seattle) was INTENSE.

Life-long silly habit during Niner games (when we're on
offense). Paid off. We beat those dirty Seahawks!

Styrofoam Snowman Head on a Jar.

Bleeding pomegranate.

Artsy-fartsy shot of Mom's tree.

When I got home from choir, Millie let me know in no
uncertain terms that I was not to go anywhere else until
she got proper cuddles.

Starting to feel a little stressed by the busyness of my week,
I looked down and saw that my glove was trying to tell
me something. Ha.

The design on the front of the concert program.

This was not a meeting, it was a ruse to honor our school
nurse and head custodian, both retiring this month. My
kids sang a couple of carols.

Decorations at Fusion (where I teach piano lessons).



On Wednesday, my kids set up a gigantic tree in my
classroom. On Thursday it went up on the stage.

They were happy to decorate it, leaving me to get my end
of things done.


Winter Ball was this weekend.

Photocopying 300 concert programs.

I had an extra page that needed filling, so I put pics of the
band and choir.

Posing with the ginormous tree in my classroom. My job
is never dull.

People need to stop giving me chocolate. Seriously.

Ran to Raley's for some stuff and found designer
poinsettias. Interesting.

Dear Theater Teacher, Santa threw up on your stage today.
Don't worry, we'll clean it up. Sincerely, Choir Teacher.

The sun sets on a suburban high school.

Moon over the theater.

The tree, finally out of my room and onto the stage.

In the lobby.

Obligatory pre-concert selfie in my office.

We did some formal choir pics on Friday, and I forgot my
nice clothes. So I put a choir dress on over my skinny
jeans and boots. Fashion statement!

After two nights of concerts, my office looked like a florist
shop. Those kids!!

Taken in downtown Sacramento from my car, stopped at
a red light.

Waiting to start rehearsal. Don was working with the
orchestra. Impossible to show just how gorgeous Memorial
Auditorium looked with the lights and decorations.

Rehearsing our opening--200 singers lined around the
balcony with glow sticks before processing down stairs
and up to the risers on stage. Don knows how to impress.

The view from the soprano section.

All gift-wrapped with a ginormous bow (everyone said it
looked cute and festive), ready to sing. After a crazy week
I admit that I set off yesterday with a bit of a "let's get this
over with" attitude, but ended up having a marvelous time
singing. Our holiday show is always fun to sing, and it was
incredibly well received.

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