Monday, October 07, 2013

Week in Instagram (Week #46) Part Deux

I accidentally deleted the original last night, so here's last week's Instagram pics. It was a great week.

That's the moon.

Sunrise over the Sierras. Gorgeous.

Tailgating before the Raiders game.

Making new friends.

Our tailgating neighbors were having a blast. So were we!

Oysters. I did not eat any!

Slightly sunburned.

Looking back towards San Francisco.


SO excited to buy my own kettlebell. I had to text my friend
Matt to brag. He was properly impressed, too.

A unicorn barfed glitter on my classroom floor.

Hiding my raccoon-eye sunburn.

Amusing little piano song.

Before my principal came to observe our dress rehearsal,
Cali Swimmy reminded me that I've got this.

Healing, slowly but surely.

Mom made the program for me!

It was a wear-running-shoes kind of day.

And a take-a-chocolate-break day, too.

My kids gave me flowers and goodies.
Yummy goodies.
Fantastic sign!

Apple spice cake with cream cheese frosting at Apple Hill.

Folsom Lake

Folsom Dam

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