Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Week in Instagram (Week #49)

A slightly quieter week, though I certainly felt busy enough.


Summer and I ended our trip to Wine Country on a relaxing

While we waited for Planet Beach to open, we found a
fountain. Someone had put bubbles in it, so Cali Swimmy
had his own spa treatment.

Hydro-Derm Fusion. It looks like a space ship, feels

Perhaps a little "woo-woo" for me, but still felt nice.

This massage chair (used while getting a light facial) did
untoward things to me.

Bought in Petaluma, taken straight to school. : )

Monday night, our last main rehearsal for our first concert
of the season.

New book by a favorite author.

Reacting to a possible no-show (she ended up arriving
ten minutes late).

California Sunset on the Sacramento Valley.

Arriving at work on a Wednesday morning.

Dinner before a Choir Booster meeting.

I put some signs up in the hallway between my room and
the theater. So far they're half-working.

Up to my eyeballs in papers. I spent a bunch of time shuffling
them into neat piles.

Lunch meeting with my band teacher colleague.

Kettlebell Day!

At first I thought all of this belonged to one person (I was
crammed into a corner), but it turns out, this was two people.
Because God forbid you skip the hot rollers on Gym Day.

On my white board. My very dirty white board.

I pulled out my clarinet for a bit on Friday. Still got skillz!

Came home to a pressie from Dad. I am calling him Beezy
Swimmy (for Beelzebub).

Saturday morning rehearsal at our performance venue,
Fremont Presbyterian Church.

I'm in that picture. ; )

Concert tonight, lazy day tomorrow (thank goodness!).

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