Thursday, October 24, 2013

In Keeping With the Theme...

I'm too tired to blog. I have a dozen things I want to write about but every time I sit down to try, I stare at the screen and think, "I really ought to do something less taxing on my brain." I have had the slightest "might be getting a cold" feeling this week and it might be going away thanks to extra sleep...we'll see. But either way, my brain is mush and I spent a good part of the time before my class started today shuffling piles of paper around on my desk and grunting to myself.

Productivity at its finest, folks.

Anyway, the next couple of days include make-up lessons, a Saturday morning choir rehearsal, and a Saturday evening choir concert, as well as the usual things like cleaning my bathroom, working in my office, and generally trying to be a productive adult (and tomorrow is kettlebell day at the gym, which reminds me, go put the kettlebell in the car). There is also enough laundry to make you think I have 12 children.

Sunday, with all its sleeping in and Niner-watching, will be absolutely glorious.

I remain cheerful. Just busy, slightly sleepy (very sleepy) and glad to have weekends, even if this one is half given to Sac Choral in all the rehearsal and call time and driving back and forth from Sacramento twice in the same day (ugh).

Now, it's 9:00, and way past this busy teacher's bedtime. ; )

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