Tuesday, September 03, 2013


I have a race on Sunday--a 5K, the Run To Remember in honor of all victims of 9/11. I am completely NOT ready for this race, and fully expect it to be more of a regular Sunday Morning Run (albeit a crowded one, and for a good cause) than a really great race for me.

My running has sucked lately. As I've adjusted to my new schedule, I haven't been making as much time for running. I am getting to the gym regularly--I'm very proud of this--and I've substituted running with some extra cardio time there. But my outside running has been sporadic, and I hate this.

Add to all this that my back has been hurting, on and off, and you've got a very likely half-runner/half-walker this weekend. Still, I signed up for this race (and the Urban Cow 5K in October) to motivate myself to get out there and run more, but also to get out and run with people. My running is usually a solo endeavor, and it's fun to pace myself against other runners on race day.

So this week, I'll be making a point of getting out there a bit more, pushing for some miles. I'm working on mobility exercises and I have a new gym program for September that is heavy on core-strengthening to help the back. I'm hopeful that by the time the Urban Cow rolls around, I'll be in better form, and I'll have had a chance to settle into my new schedule with my two jobs, choir rehearsals, and workouts.

I can do this!

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