Thursday, September 05, 2013

Guess Who's 14?

When my parents surprised me with a tiny torbie, many moons ago, I assigned a birthday for her based on the approximate time of year she was born--late August or early September. I decided to make September 5th her birthday, as it had been my Grandma Bean's birthday. So we mark Millie's years by September 5th, and that means today she is 14.

Ask any veterinarian, and they'd tell you she's old. Don't tell her that--she still races around the house on catnip highs, and demands attention and food in equal measures. She never became a fat, old cat. She's maintained her girlish figure at about 7-8 pounds, even though she eats like a horse.

She has been a constant in my life since that December day in 1999, and I can't imagine having never known this sweet, affectionate, demanding little girl who cuddles with me every night and greets me first thing in the morning (usually before I'm ready to acknowledge being awake) with loud meows and a lot of purring. As I type this, she's about three feet away from me, sprawled on the bed. She is completely comfortable in her world.

Happy Birthday, Millennium Joy! My sweet Millie Joyful. May you have several more birthdays with me...I love you so.

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