Sunday, September 08, 2013

Run To Remember 5K

I ran the Run To Remember 5K this morning. Going in, I knew it would be a struggle for me; my running hasn't been great of late and I've been dealing with a bit of lower back pain. But I had registered and I was determined to participate. I'm glad I did. While I finished in a dismal 38 minutes (remember, I finished my last race in 31:02), I was glad to be part of a great morning that was done in tribute to all who were killed on 9/11.

A lot of local firefighters were in attendance, and about 1,200 runners and walkers participated. Before the race started, I wandered around taking pictures, and even got stopped by a reporter for the Sacramento Bee and asked a few questions. Maybe I'll be quoted in the paper!

The State Capitol Building and two enormous flags
hanging from ladder trucks.

They brought in a second truck to hoist this one, and these
firefighters made sure the flag never touched the ground.

NOT a job I'd be happy to have. NOT a fan of heights!!

Firefighters in silhouette.
 As I mentioned, the race was pretty brutal. I walked a lot of it, but I reminded myself that I haven't run as much as I've wanted to of late, and cycling at the gym, while good cardio, is not running. Besides, my back has been hurting this weekend. I'm sure by the time Urban Cow rolls around in October, I'll be back in fighting form.

After the race, anyone who wanted could go place a flag on a name in a small garden of remembrance in front of the Capitol. Nearly 3,000 names were represented. It was very, very moving. 

Tired, red-faced, dripping sweat, and FINISHED. I ran
hard in the last quarter-mile, wanting to finish strong for the
photographers. ; )

Love this! They were happy to pose.

Waiting in line to place a flag.

They gave us cards and pens so we could write the name(s)
of the people we placed flags for. The web site has bios
of everyone.

Rochelle Snell was Jamaican-American, and an administrative
assitant for Regus in Tower 2.

The only match I could find was a Simon Dhanani, a vice
president at Aon, on the 99th floor of Tower 2. He enjoyed
poetry and Andalusian music.

Each silver plaque is a name. Too many names.

Beautiful and sad.

Walking back towards Tower Bridge to get to my car.
It was a great race. I will definitely participate again next year!

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