Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Week in Instagram (Week #43)

I started subbing a first period class this week (one week down, two to go), so life just got super-hectic. But it's all good, even though I thought I might have a cold coming on this week.


I spent three hours of my Sunday with my heart in my throat.

Meanwhile, Millie got some Grandma Cuddles.


One whole pic on Monday. It was a busy day.

On Tuesday, the paperwork involved with teaching
high school choir got a teensy bit overwhelming.

But I have a policy of leaving my desk neat and tidy when
I go home each day. The lunch box went with me, too.

Dinner, a la Whole Foods. Sitting on a piano bench, wearing
a workout t-shirt and jeans.

Yeah, so I left it tidy on Tuesday, then made a bigger mess
on Wednesday.

My students are too young to really remember (the oldest
ones were five)...but I'm not.

I really wasn't liking that mess on my desk.

But I got to play my clarinet while subbing for the band
teacher. I'm way out-of-shape.

I bought a bracelet to support my choir.

My lunches this week were really yummy. Chicken sausage,
hard-boiled egg, apple, grapes, carrots, a wedge of Laughing
Cow cheese, a wedge of brie, and a bit of Muenster. I like
finger foods.

Thursday and Friday were Club Rush days, so I spent
lunchtime trying to convince 2,100 high school students
that I can teach anyone to sing.

Lunch time at a large suburban high school.

Slight delay in leaving work...

Plush toys and books for The Night-Night Project. Those
Curious George dolls slay me.

Today I went through a book of rounds and canons I have.
My kids love singing rounds as a warm-up, so I found some
fun new ones for them.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin. Because this lady is READY
for Fall.


And that's it. No pics today, because I'm tired, and I've been cleaning, which is NOT exciting...except that woohoo! I have a clean space now.

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