Saturday, December 12, 2009

One Good Thing

I did order myself a Christmas pressie today. I've been a very good girl, and it was on sale.

What did I get? This AWESOME, AMAZING, VERY COOL scarf from Keane's official store.

It has the lyrics to "Snowed Under" in Tim's chicken-scratch scrawl on it. I got it in black, so it will match plenty of my outfits. This is all kinds of awesome with a side of fries. And by ordering it, I'm automatically entered in a drawing to win original hand-written lyrics of Snowed Under!

And just because I'm still a total Keane fanatic, all these months after seeing them live, I'll post a video of Snowed Under for you.

These guys rock my universe so much, I've been listening to them in place of my Holiday iTunes playlist!

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