Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Movie Madness

I'm starting to set things aside to take up to Mom and Dad's for my soon-to-be-here Winter Break. One priority? Movies. I haven't sat down and watched movies in ages, and ever since Dad put a TV (with cable!) and a DVD player in "my" room at home, it's been so nice to snuggle in bed watching movies.

On my list of movies to take home:

1. The Haunted Airman -- An early RPattz movie that I got from Blockbuster recently.

2. LA Confidential -- Another from my Blockbuster queue. I haven't seen it in ages and need some Kevin Spacey in my life.

3. Snow Patrol: Up To Now -- Some good documentaries and live performances of a good band.

4. Snow Patrol: Live at Somerset House -- More Snow Patrol goodness. I haven't watched either SP video yet, so I'm looking forward to the Irish charm.

5. Strangers -- This is a Keane documentary. I've watched it several times and love it. Can't wait to watch it again, because those guys crack me up, even when they're cranky.

6. Love Actually -- Time for my annual viewing of this classic.

7. Bridget Jones' Diary -- It's been far too long since I watched this.

8. Pride and Prejudice -- The Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth one, of course. Mom and I have been meaning to watch this the last three or four times I've been home.

9. North and South -- A BBC period piece (not about the Civil war, but rather the Industrial North of England versus the "gentrified" South). I haven't watched it in ages. Based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell.

10. Wives and Daughters -- Another favorite, and another Gaskell novel come to live on the BBC.

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