Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Decade in Music: 2005

Ahh, 2005. Another eventful year. I spent the first seven months in England, then returned to the USofA--but not to California. No, I embarked on a year of adventure and fun in Washington, living in a forest on a mountain near the ocean (well, the Puget Sound, anyway).

Immediately on arriving home, I started listening to Natasha Bedingfield's "These Words" obsessively because I'd heard it while out with friends in England and it reminded me of good times. Plus, it's a great song.

2005, unfortunately, gave us The Pussycat Dolls. Ugh. I really, really, really hate this song.

Other songs I loved in 2005:

Collide -- Howie Day (another for the What Was I Thinking? files)
Boulevard of Broken Dreams -- Green Day
Wake Me Up When September Ends -- Green Day (even though it is basically the same line sung 37 times in a row.)
Speed of Sound -- Coldplay

Songs I loathed in 2005:

Daughters -- John Mayer
Because of You -- Kelly Clarkson
Sugar We're Going Down -- Fall Out Boy

Forgotten Gem of 2005

From the movie version of Rent, Seasons of Love. I love Rent. And this song.

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