Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Decade In Music: 2002

2002 was The Year of The Credential. I finally finished 6 years of education (five years undergrad and one year post) and was able to make my way in the world as a working adult. I always had a good soundtrack to listen to.

That year, I absolutely LOVED "Starry-Eyed Suprise" by Paul Oakenfold (featuring Shifty Shellshock). It was catchy and fun.

I was also all over the Avril Lavigne thing--why, I can't remember. Maybe I was high on my own achievements once I had my first teaching position. Yeah, we'll go with that.

2002 saw the rise of the first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson. I've never understood how so many people can watch that show and think that any of those kids (okay, except Jennifer Hudson) are doing anything more than ruining their vocal chords. Kelly Clarkson sounds like she's in pain when she sings. I don't know how she has any vocal chords left.

Anyway, "A Moment Like This" was the number one most-requested song that year, which makes me want to vomit.

Other songs I loved in 2002:

The Game of Love -- Santana (featuring Michelle Branch)
Sk8er Boi -- Avril Lavigne (I have since gotten rid of her album)
She Hates Me -- Puddle of Mudd (this was back when screeching the f-word in a song seemed so exciting)
Cleaning Out My Closet -- Eminem (say what you will, but that album showed Em's talent.)
Lose Yourself -- Eminem
Underneath Your Clothes -- Shakira
Just Like a Pill -- Pink
No Such Thing -- John Mayer

Songs I loathed in 2002:

Hot in Herre -- Nelly (no, I won't take off all my clothes, you perv.)
Dirrty -- Christina Aguilera (what's with all the double "r" spellings?)
Jenny From The Block -- Jennifer "JLo" Lopez
The Ketchup Song -- Las Ketchup

Forgotten Gem of 2002

I always thought that Kelly Rowland was better than Beyonce once Destiny's Child disbanded. "Stole" was actually a really good song.

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alana said...

That Eminem album is still my favorite.