Thursday, December 31, 2009

All I Need Now...

My sweeties! : (

Yesterday, when it came time to leave Mom and Dad's, both Millie and Harley ran under Mom and Dad's bed before I could get them into their carriers. I didn't want to wrestle them out of there with a broomstick, and I figured it might be best if I could do my big Purge and Clean without them around. Harley is still very kittenish, and wants to see what's in every box, etc. I had the front door open a few times while taking stuff out to the garbage, and it was nice to not have to worry about them getting out.

Still, it's so quiet without them. After a whole decade of being a cat mom, I'm just not equipped to live without a furbaby around!

Mom and Dad will bring them down tomorrow or Saturday. I'll once again be warm and toasty in bed (it was cold without them last night!) and my very clean apartment will get that nice coating of cat hair back.

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