Sunday, November 08, 2009

Jeez! Finally!!

I've been floating around in "What To Blog About?!" land for a few weeks now. Most of my posts have been half-assed. I have a gazillion pictures I've wanted to post, but I feel either too lazy or too tired (I'm really starting to think that I'll get H1N1 any day now) to post them.

But today I got some ideas. The first is inspired by true-life events: my period. I am going to do a little Google research and write a post about PMS and how it affects women--and how, just maybe, it's not something to joke about. If you would like to give me any input and don't mind me quoting you, you can email me or contact me via Facebook.

I also want to share pictures of the adorable and wonderful things I bought at yesterday's craft faire, and Wednesday (Veteran's Day) should provide some great pictures. I'll be attending a concert put on by the Lincoln Hills Veteran's Group, of which my dad is president.

There is a Music Monday post scheduled for tomorrow, and we can hope that I'm not getting sick and that my life will continue to provide Wild and Absolutely True moments of enlightenment and hilarity for me to post about.

Oh--and if you see Wanda, my chain-smoking, pink-Caddie-driving, wayward Fairy Godmother, could you tell her I'd like to talk to her about this guy I've been chatting with on Yahoo Personals? It's been TWO FREAKIN' YEARS since I've been on a date, and I'd like to go on another sometime soon. You know, have a reason to get all nervous and silly, maybe to buy a new low-cut blouse or something.

Really, Wanda, is that too much to ask?


alana said...

Go Wanda! haha

I could always scan my human sexualities textbook for you. ;)

alana said...

oops..that should be "sexuality's." My class doesn't have a plural sexuality. Much to its dismay.