Sunday, November 08, 2009

Eek! I did it!

When I started my Little Pink Blog in 2004, I picked a template, Thisaway Rose, because it appealed to me.

I've made layout changes, added my baby picture to the title bar, and done other things, but I've never changed the template in these five years. In the last few months I've thought about it, but I haven't been able to click that "Change Template" button.

Tonight, I did. I didn't allow myself to stop and think about it, but simply changed to a new template that has a wider post box than my old template. I might play around with the colors a little more, but this is pretty much how my blog is going to look for a while. It will remain pink because I will always think of my blog as the Little Pink Blog. I can change the template after five years, but not the color scheme!

I think it looks pretty good.


alana said...

haha I only had mine the same way for less than a year and it was sooo hard to change so I totally feel ya!

I love the wider body. That's the main reason I changed mine.

Meg said...

I love the wider body, too! That's one thing that annoyed me about Thisaway. And I wanted a more pastel pink background than I had.

So far, I'm really digging this one and can't believe I waited so long to change things!

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

I really like it. Yay for change!

Anonymous said...

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