Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday Night Awesomeness

Note: So, turns out the new camera takes slightly better night pictures than the old one...but requires a steadier hand, which I don't have when crowded in a theater with a gazillion other people jostling around. But you get the point. :P

Last night I drove to Oakland (about an hour) to see Snow Patrol. Here's the kicker--the opening act was Plain White T's, who I also knew something about. AWESOME.

I bought my ticket in August, and I've been pretty excited about this show for some time. Two good bands that I wanted to get to know better? Sign me up.

Plain White T's are out of Chicago, and they have a couple of big hits in Hey There, Delilah and 1, 2, 3, 4. I love both of these songs, and I was eager to know more about this group.

They put on a good show--I love how they go from sweet love songs like the two mentioned above to Hate (I Really Don't Like You).

The lead singer was talkative and friendly to the audience (no rock star attitude in attendance). His voice is a teensy bit on the nasally side, but he sings in tune and has great style. The guitarist is adorable and awesome on backup vocals.

I'll probably buy a few more of their songs...I really dig alternative pop/rock (if you hadn't noticed, what with my obsession with Keane, Coldplay, Doves, Muse, Train, and others).

Snow Patrol was AWESOME. They're based out of Glasgow, making me already love them because of my long-running love of things Scottish, though a couple of them are actually from Northern Ireland. As far as the accent goes, however? Same difference.

I already knew Chasing Cars, Run, and Chocolate. These I have in my iTunes library.

I LOVED some of their other stuff, too, and discovered that Take Back the City is theirs--I didn't know that. I hear songs on the radio, with no idea who sings them.

Their lead singer, Gary, is a blend of comedian, charmer and awesome singer. He was very interactive with the crowd--I love that in a rock band. I paid good money for a concert ticket, and drove an hour to see them. I want a good show--and I got it.

As the lights dimmed, the back of the stage became a big "chalk board" with "Take Back the Cities" and the various cities they've been to on this tour written up. Finally, it segued into Snow Patrol [heart] Oakland, and the band came out to start their show.

They played an almost two-hour set. It was full of energy and good humor--Gary had a way of taking the mickey out of people in the croud while making everyone feel good.

I have a new favorite:

The big question, of course, is this: did Snow Patrol knock Keane off of the pedestal I have them on?

Nope. Keane is special. Love those boys, and their music. But Snow Patrol was pretty damned awesome live, and I would happily see them again. Plain White T's, too.

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