Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happies (Part 2)

Today was better than yesterday. I found some peace with the crazy, convoluted thoughts in my head, and have set a course to travel for a while.

It doesn't hurt that my favorite Keane boy Richard is photo-blogging again. He takes such great pictures (scroll down to see Tom, the lead singer, hugging a big stuffed grizzly bear!) and really sees the beauty in everything. As an amateur photographer who keeps my camera in my purse at all times, I appreciate this, and I very much look forward to his blogs.

And there are other Happies. I've been working my way through seasons 1 through 4 of Grey's Anatomy on DVD in recent weeks, and today, season 5 was released. I ran to Target for that. Season 5 started off with a bang, got really crazy/weird/WTF, and then ended on an AWESOME note. I'm so excited for Season 6, which starts next week.

I'm now about a week-and-a-half from a two-week Fall Break. The first Saturday, Summer and I are going to A Day in the Zone, and I couldn't be more excited, because one of my all-time favorite bands, Train, is playing. I've loved them for years. I can't wait to sing along with Drops of Jupiter and Hey, Soul Sister.

Two days after that, I'll be off to Fort Bragg for a few days, leaving Millie and Harley with Mom and Dad while I visit Glass Beach, the lighthouse, and take the Skunk Train. That, of course, will be well-documented on my travel blog.

Not long after Fall Break, it really will be Fall, and this obnoxious hot weather will go away. I hope to have a rainy, rainy winter, with lots of cold days and colder-than-cold nights. I love sweaters and blankets and candles and soup. Give me hot chocolate and hot tea and for God's sake, let me shut off that noisy, obnoxious wall-unit air conditioner for a change!


I have them.

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alana said...

Woohoo fall!

I always have my camera on me too. I'm hoping to take a photography course next semester. :)