Saturday, December 13, 2008

This And That

First, the Good News:

Halfway through the Chorale dress rehearsal, my phone rang. I dashed off the risers, back stage, and out into a big hallway to answer (I had warned my section leader, and a couple others that I might do that at some point). The vet was pleased to tell me that Millie's x-ray came back clear--there is nothing obstructing her digestive track. Very good news!

The results of the blood test will come back tomorrow, but the vet is pretty confident that she'll be okay. She's taking fluids through an IV and will stay overnight. I hate that she has to, but it is for the best.

Fa La La La Laaaa

Tomorrow the Chorale will team up with Stockton Symphony to present a fabulous Holiday Pops concert. I thought the two dress rehearsals, at three hours each, would be a total drag, but in fact they were quite fun. Thursday night flew by quickly, and I loved singing with the instrumentalists. The Hallelujah Chorus is so much better when performed with a full string section and a couple of trumpets. Our piano accompanist for Chorale is marvelous, but a full symphonic orchestra is just a lovely, lovely sound.

It also didn't hurt that one of the cello players in my eyeline happens to be...well, a hottie.

Today's rehearsal was, of course, a little harder for me. I got there about 30 minutes after leaving Millie at the hospital, so I was still quite upset. My eyes were red and swollen, and people noticed. I half expected rolling eyes or blank stares when telling people the source of my upset...but I found that pretty much the whole soprano section seems to be made up of cat people. I was definitely feeling the love.

The call from the vet did a lot to make me feel better, so I sang through the sing-alongs and the Hallelujah Chorus with a smile on my face.

What Was I Thinking?

I did something very brave and very, very foolish this afternoon.

I went to WalMart.

Since moving to Stockton, I have not been to WalMart once. I didn't even know for sure where it was until today.

I suppose I should have known better when I had to park all the way at the back of the massive parking lot, but I looked at it as an opportunity for a little exercise. When I got my basket, I should have run screaming when I had to manhandle that fold-up part into going down into the basket itself...but I kept going.

I managed to find the things I needed--a cat carrier for the little dude, tissue paper, Weight Watchers frozen meals for lunch this week, a pizza for dinner, assorted grocery items, and even some adorable, soft, warm Snoopy pajamas. Then I got in line.

I waited. And waited. Found out it was a 20 items or less line. Switched to another. Waited.


Finally, it was my turn. I paid for my stuff and high-tailed it out of there, ready to get away from the whole families of 16 people having various reunions in the middle of the aisles and doorways.

I'm just glad I finally found a decent cat carrier for a decent price, so Harley has a safe ride up to Mom and Dad's house next weekend.

Only One Thing Missing

I know have a tummy full of pizza. I am showered and wearing my new Snoopy pajamas (very comfy!). I have movies to watch and a warm, purring little dude to cuddle with.

The only thing missing is my Millie-girl. I drove by the street where the hospital is on my way home from WalMart and teared up as I said hello to her. I'll miss her warm little body on my bed tonight.

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