Sunday, December 14, 2008


I have put all signs Millie showed in bold.

Lethargy 100%
Poor appetite 97%
Dehydration 92%

Rapid breathing rate 74% (she was pretty normal)
Low body temperature 68% (she was very normal)
Jaundice 64% (no mention)
Rapid heart rate 48% (I don't know)
Vomiting 35%
Abdominal pain 25% (I don't know)
Abdominal mass felt on physical exam 23% (Vet did not feel anything out of the ordinary)
Labored breathing 20%
Diarrhea 15% Only since yesterday
Incoordination 15% (She had one slightly clutzy moment the other day, but otherwise was her usual agile self--when she could move)
fever 7% (again, her temp was right at normal)

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