Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who needs TV?

When you've got YouTube?

Just a sample of what I'm watching tonight...starting with a little bit of cuteness to get you in the Christmas spirit (and to get stuck in your head until you're beating it against the wall).

Next, my latest (British, obvs.) celebrity crush. It's obvious he is completely unprepared for the attention he's getting from Twilight.

Mmmmmm...nothing like an adorable British guy on a cold night.

That said, I should get off of YouTube (and the LPB) and finish packing for Thanksgiving weekend. As soon as I can get off campus tomorrow, I'm driving straight to Mom and Dad's, only stopping for gas along the way. I left the Millikins there on Sunday, and I'm looking forward to a cuddle with my Shweetie Patoot. I'm also looking forward Mom's homemade lima bean soup, which she plans to simmer in the crock pot all day. By the time I roll in, tired from a full day of hyper children and driving in holiday traffic on Interstates 5 and 80, there should be a steaming hot bowl of soup with my name on it, a pouting calico, and a comfy couch to sit on with a book. There's a reason I'm packing my pajamas at the top of the suitcase!


Miz Minka said...

I used to play with a hula hoop in 4th grade. :) I haven't heard that song in ages, although not as long ago as the hula hoop playing.

What is up with Robert Pattinson's hair?! That's a little too beyond intentionally tousled. ;p

Hope the kiddos aren't too terribly hyper tomorrow (ja, vishfull sssinking, no?); have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Meg said...

Not too hyper? Girl, I had a kindergartner wet himself in my room, and my 6th period class (middle school) was CRAZY! And my toes were wet all day.

P.S. RP's hair is kind of crazy, but I like it. LOL