Monday, November 24, 2008

I Give Up. Officially.

I love my holiday list in iTunes. I have some great songs in there, songs I love and adore. I love listening to them while decking the halls, and while wrapping presents. I'm not really into the "commercial crappy" side of Christmas, but I do so love my Christmas songs and carols.

That said, I usually keep a very strict leash on myself. I don't get the Christmas decorations out until after Thanksgiving, and the same goes for the music. I forgot to delete the Christmas songs from my iPod last year, so all year, when driving and listening to the iPod, I've had to click forward to the next song whenever something Christmassy comes on.

But this year, I'm giving up early. As I type this, I've got Merry Christmas Darling by the Carpenters going. A few minutes ago, it was The Man With All the Toys by the Beach Boys. It all started thirty or so minutes ago when I double-clicked on a song I bought last night--Let It Be Christmas by Alan Jackson.

So that's it. I Officially Give Up on waiting patiently. The radio stations gave in on the weekend, and now I am. I've had my middle school kids making Christmas cards for the soldiers I'm sending stockings to. (They're getting 10 stockings and about a gazillion cards.) It was only a matter of time before I either succumbed to my holiday playlist or a chocolate Santa.

I figure the playlist is less fattening.

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