Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy Election Day!

No matter what happens today, I feel excited and positive. Of course, everyone hopes that the person they vote for will win...I just hope that there isn't any negativity from the non-winning side, as there has been in the last two elections.

I am proud to vote--I think it is a most precious right, and I always feel excited to exercise that right. I do it for the women who fought for so long to ensure that 100+ years later, I would have the vote. Women who died before seeing their hard work and suffering pay off.

I vote for the women in countries that still don't allow women to vote, for the women who are oppressed and treated as less than equal.

I vote for the girls who are too young to vote, in the hopes that I can influence them to be educated in how their country works, and to help them find their voice.

And I vote for myself--because in this awesome nation, I have the right to give my opinion on who I'd like to run things.

If you need me, I'll be holed up in my apartment tomorrow evening, listening to the TV and waiting with bated breath for the outcome. I have a feeling I'll be very tired on Wednesday morning.


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