Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mom and Dad Check In

Well, Mom and Dad are finally on the boat. I guess it can get a bit slow when you're not sightseeing, so I've heard from both of them this morning.


Hi Megs

Finally aboard the ship! We are on the 14th floor, can you believe that?! Very nice stateroom and the rest of the ship is beautiful. This is her first year at sea. Her name is Emerald Princess.

Anyway, have been getting your messages and LOVE hearing from you. Glad the girls are settling in. I knew they would. Just a reminder... You can not keep them! I really miss them, but the pictures in your blog warm my soul and I get my cat fix!

You sound like you are busy and happy. We are glad to hear that. Your trip to Yosemite sounds good. You'll love the area. Faboulous views and sights. Take Pics!

Venice is fabulous! The Venitians travel by boat everywhere. Garbage is picked up in boats, hotel and resturants get supplies via boat, water taxis, etc. It is soooooo OLD though!

More later.
Love you lots, give the girls a pat for me. Love from Mom and Dad

The "sooo old" is in reference to a certain crazy family member who once, after a trip to Rome said she didn't really like it because, "Everything is so old..." In Rome? Really?!


Saw the video. Your Mom still has tears in her eyes. We're at sea, headed for Naples, arriving Monday. We've signed up to see Pompei and Sorrento. Your Dad has signed up to waterski behind the Princess tomorrow and we are looking forward to that.

We have consumed 102,099 calories worth of spaghetti, gelato and tiramisu. Your father's pants button flew off and nearly blinded the waiter. He was chagrinned.

We are now going to take a nap so we won't be too tired to eat dinner. Not much else to do at sea except eat and do the computer thing.

So, my friends, you can see. Mom and Dad are having a wondeful time on their trip...even if Dad's a wee bit bored on the ship. ; )

Mom, Dad--if you're so bored, read those Bill Bryson books I lent you!

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