Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dear Neighbors (Part Deux),

Last night, when I arrived home from choir rehearsal, I had to park waaaayyy far away from my apartment because all the other spots were taken...but there was your car, parked illegally--AGAIN--in front of my bedroom window.

You can imagine the delight I felt as I called the security company that our complex contracts with. The security guy came out right away. I watched him through the blinds for a moment, and even though he didn't have your car towed, I'm hoping you at least got a warning.

In the mean time, I actually got an uninterupted night of sleep, which was appreciated, let me tell you. Hope to NOT see your car out there tonight! Seriously, if you park any closer to my bedroom window, I'll have to scoot to the other side of the bed.


The tired lady in that apartment you like to park next to.

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