Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Crazy Cat Lady: Day 11

We're almost at the halfway point of Bella's and Duckie's stay at my place, so I thought I'd do an update by the numbers.

4 -- Number of times a cat has barfed (one for each cat, and one mysterious upchuck left on the kitchen floor today).

237 -- Number of "wizz-bangs" and "poo-poo-pa-doos" I've scooped out of the litter boxes...and counting. (Actually, I made this statistic up--I have not been counting their output! Trust me, though...there's been a lot of output.)

1 -- Number of times Bella the Huntress has walked around my bedroom at night with a mouse toy in her mouth, howling to show off her "kill."

2 -- Number of litterboxes in my apartment.

22- Number of hours per day (average) that Millie and the Kindergatos spend sleeping (on the bed, under the bed, in the window, on the couch...).

1.5 (going on 2) -- Number of bags of Iam's cat chow I've gone through with three greedy little piglettes in the apartment.

3 -- Number of times I've vacuumed the 2nd bedroom to get cat litter out of the carpet.

Lost count -- Number of cuddles, purrs, head-butts, meows, and exposed tummies (a sign of trust) I've had from all three girls. It's very satisfying!

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