Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I am Officially Thirty!

Tonight, I shall celebrate with a glass of Bailey's and a good book I'm in the middle off. I celebrated at work by telling my middle school kids (one class sang for me) and taking cookies to the staff room at lunch.

Saturday, however, San Francisco had better watch out. I have Big Plans. First, Beach Blanket Babylon. I've never seen it, but it looks fabulous--the hats!!--and I've heard great things about it. After the show, we're going to dinner at India Oven. I haven't had a good curry in a long time, and this place gets good reviews. Then we'll end the evening singing bar songs and downing drinks, after which I will crash on the guest bed at Heather and Arturo's place.

Speaking of Heather and Arturo...

HAPPY WEDDING DAY!! Yes, it's true, the Nerds In Love are married! Today is their civil ceremony. November will be the religious one--the big celebration.

Of course, I wish the happy couple many, many happy years.

The fact that they are shuttling me around San Francisco this weekend, and letting me crash in the guest room during their first weekend of wedded bliss, well, I really do appreciate it. A girl only turns thirty once!

So yeah, I'm milking it for all its worth.

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