Sunday, August 06, 2006

Now I'm Up and Running

I've got Internet! Three months free, even. This means that I've got iTunes, and that sometime in the next few days, I can put up some new pictures of my place. I've had a few people mention that they'd love to see what it looks like.

It looks GREAT, that's what. The living room is still a bit empty because I don't yet have my furniture (Tuesday or Wednesday), but I have almost everything unpacked, including my Grandma Bean's china, which Mom has given me.

Yesterday I sorted out my storage closet. I have a small closet right outside the front door, but it holds a surprising amount of stuff--all of my holiday decorations (three large boxes of Christmas stuff, alone), my old Cabbage Patch Kid dolls (lovingly packed away in a storage tote), and my suitcases.

Mom and Dad came to see me today. They brought a few things that got mixed in with their stuff in the move from Washington, and took a few things of their own home (I had a lid to a box, Mom and Dad had the box--crazy stuff like that). They helped me center and hang a few of my pictures, took me to lunch, and Dad brought me an old phone of theres with caller ID on it.

So I'm settling in. I get a teensy bit lonely sometimes, but I know once school starts, I'll be meeting people and enjoying my busy life (and what downtime I get to sit in my cute little apartment with my kitty, my computer, and my cable TV).

Plus, the apartment complex is not filled yet, so I'll be getting new neighbors all the time, I'm sure.

This week I will stop by the school and the district office to check up on things and put some things in my classroom. Then there's this weekend, when I'll celebrate 28 years and possibly the Folsom High School All-Class reunion (but still not going to that dreadful Class of '96 reunion--gah!).

For now, though, it's time to get ready for bed. Millie's standing on her back feet with her front feet on my leg, looking at me like, "Well? Attention, please!" (She's doing just fine, by the way--settling in more and more every day).



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