Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Port Lovely

As I prepare to leave Washington for California, I have decided to take short "photo tours" of the area when I have the time. A few nights ago, I did just this in Port Ludlow (also known as Port Dud-low by those of us still angry at Puget Power).

For all the remoteness and lack of any conveniences, it is very, very lovely here.

Ludlow Bay and the Cove

There is a small cove I drive by every day, and I watch the tide's activities through this. In the following picture, the tide is not completely in just yet. When it is out, this little cove is one big mud pit.

A lady in my mom's book group who lives along the cove told Mom that the does bring their fawns here to learn to swim:

Looking out at Ludlow Bay through the trees:

The marina in Port Ludlow affords some spectacular views of the hills surrounding the bay. On a clear day, you can see the Olympics in the background.

A flower's-eye-view of the Inn at Port Ludlow, on the marina:

The Inn:

Rosie the Protege, patiently waiting for me as I come back from the marina, and a bunch of trees--pretty typical for this area:

Part of the village of Port Ludlow. That's my bank:

Oak Bay Road (I take this road a few miles every day to work):

You can see how true it is when I say I basically live in a forest!

I'm getting excited about the upcoming move (and job opportunity), but I will be a little bit sad to drive away from the gorgeous, gorgeous Pacific Northwest. I'm glad I had a chance to live here.



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